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Partners in Good Wealth.

We don’t take the idea of being your partner lightly. It’s why we take the time to get to know you, so you get to know us. And why we stay by your side not just when things are going well, but also when they’re at their most challenging. We’re partners through it all.
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We have a collegial environment committed to hard work and fun.

We believe we are building a unique firm rooted in a friendly, collaborative environment filled with immensely talented people with distinct professional experience. 

We take our culture very seriously and are acutely aware that our people are our most valuable resource. 

Founded in Naples, FL



Office Locations

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Assets Under Advisement*

Work Environment

We believe that a true platform to optimize professional success should provide depth of advice in estate and financial planning, internal and external asset management, equity and personal risk management, wealth succession, philanthropy, and legacy management.  We invest heavily in each of these areas to attract and retain the greatest talent and clients possible. 

Over 50 professionals serve our clients in over 40 states from our four office locations in Florida (Headquarters), North Carolina, and Louisiana with additional presence in Sarasota, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; Omaha, Nebraska; and Nashville, Tennessee.  

Our financial professionals are comprised of CFP®, CFA®, CPA, CLU®, CRCP®, AEP®, CRPC®, & JD designations. 


Firm Growth

We have an open-door policy, because we know that the best business ideas & results come from listening to our advisors and providing them with the tools they need to best guide their clients.  

We have an entrepreneurial mindset that values input and suggestions from the team.  Nearly every part of this firm was built as a suggestion from one of the team members and is reflected in our growth.

Assets Under Advisement*
As of 4/24/23
Asset 16-3


Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

This award was open to all registered investment adviser applicants and was based on revenue metrics. No compensation was exchanged for this award, and CWA is unaffiliated with this organization. See footer for accolade methodology.2


Inc. Regionals Fastest Growing U.S. Companies in the Southeast

This award was open to all registered investment adviser applicants in the Southeast United States. The award was based on percentage of revenue growth over a stipulated period of time. No compensation was exchanged for this award, and CWA is unaffiliated with this organization.3

Advisor Growth

Our firm’s goal is to provide a collaborative, growth-minded platform to allow our advisors to grow their practices to extraordinary levels.
Compounding Net New Asset Growth by Advisor (Excluding Market Appreciation)
2019 - 2023 YTD (As of 3/31/23)
Advisor Growth_Website

Advisor Growth - By the Numbers

Net New Asset Growth by Advisor (Excluding Market Appreciation)

As of 3/31/23
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 YTD
Advisor 1 $105,188,639


$35,623,213 $126,256,428 $36,757,442
Advisor 2 $58,919,968 $30,161,975 $57,039,116 $35,421,631 $22,438,264
Advisor 3 $26,575,648 $32,056,425 $43,576,414 $36,772,297 $11,107,640
Advisor 4 $59,538,981 $19,421,275 $13,026,537 $15,251,442 $8,505,154
Advisor 5 $22,744,409 $11,735,292 $27,899,873 $32,618,563 $18,668,922
Advisor 6 $28,938,856 $10,230,760 $18,209,583 $52,170,130 $2,701,992
Advisor 7 $44,037,806 $24,171,772 $5,437,539 $25,736,641 $7,268,286
Advisor 8 $31,011,865 $17,441,076 $21,372,440 $33,884,999 $2,802,396
Advisor 9 $25,012,351 $17,269,232 $15,711,444 $19,407,266 $-2,095,436
Advisor 10 - $1,879,799 $24,854,438 $21,351,409 $25,799,676
Advisor 11 - $4,347,599 $45,534,674 $7,572,049 $14,436,412
Advisor 12 - - $31,969,880 $3,800,661 $54,537
Total AUM Growth $401,968,523 $299,138,656 $340,255,153 $410,243,516 $148,445,285

We have always viewed ourselves as business partners with our advisors. Your success will be our success.

Invested in Technology
We embrace the future of finance by investing in technology in an effort to drive growth, improve efficiency, and enhance client experience for our advisors. 
Global Relay
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Custodial Referral Network

TD Ameritrade’s Advisor Direct (AD) referral program is now integrated into the new Schwab Advisor Network (SAN), a single-client referral network for independent advisors. The SAN program matches qualified clients with independent, local Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who provide customized wealth management, financial planning, insurance, tax strategies, and estate planning depending on a client’s specific needs. 


Total CWA AUM Generated from Custodial Branches 
2016 -2023 (As of 5/15/23)


Total CWA New Assets from Custodial Referrals (in 2022)


Average Monthly New Assets Per CWA Advisor (in 2022)


# of Approved SAN RIA's Nationwide


SAN Branches Nationwide


CWA Branch Presence (On & Off Matrix)


To work with referred investors or handle transactions in their accounts, individuals must undergo a background review and receive approval from Schwab. Some requirements apply; 7 years of experience actively managing security portfolios or a registered investment advisor for the most recent 18 months and for the 5.5 years immediately prior as either: a securities portfolio manager, financial planner, CPA, or registered representative of a full-service broker-dealer or bank trust officer.

What Our Advisors Are Saying

“Prior to CWA I was a solo practitioner with a single partner and no employees. Everything fell on us – compliance, trading, administrative paperwork, and everything in between. The resources and organizational structure at CWA allowed me to focus on my job, business development. My book has grown exponentially from this support and has allowed me to become more efficient and effective in utilizing my skill set.“

Jeffrey Galati-1

Jeff Galati, CFP®, CLU®
Managing Director | Private Wealth Management

"The entire fabric of this enterprise is about having the expertise and flexibility to serve our clients in a truly unique way with industry-leading performance and research. I have never been a part of an enterprise that offers so many solutions to the advisor and so much support. This is a firm that is growing in every sense of the word. This has been the best choice of my career."

John Walker-Jun-15-2023-03-29-02-2550-PM

John Walker, AEP®, CFP®
Executive Vice President | Private Wealth Management

partners in good wealth

Partner with our firm to jointly grow to the next level together.

We are 100% committed to providing a home for the remainder of our advisor’s careers. We have always viewed ourselves as business partners with our advisors. Your success will be our success.