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Lewis Johnson

Lewis Johnson

Chief Investment Officer

  • Former Portfolio Manager at Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy
  • Former Portfolio Manager at Pequot Capital
  • Former Vice President & Analyst at T. Rowe Price
  • Former Co-founder of Fundamental Global Investors
William Beynon

William Beynon

President & CEO

  • Former Partner of First Financial Resources
  • Former Director of Estate Planning at Creative Asset Services
Zev Abraham

Zev Abraham

Director of Research

  • Former Portfolio Manager at Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy
  • Former Equity & Commodity Analyst at Sheffield Asset Management
  • Former Portfolio Manager and Head of Commodity Research Dreyfus Corporation

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Guest - Velina Tchakarova

May 2022

We were joined by Velina Tchakarova, Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) and instructor at the Real World Risk Institute (RWRI).  We believe Velina is one of the most insightful observers of global events, especially regarding China and the Russian conflict.

Velina gives an insightful look at today's global events and how they may affect the everchanging market. 

Market Volatility Around the War in Ukraine

March 2022

Markets have revealed quite a few problems recently. We believe the good news about volatility is the world of changing opportunity it uncovers. Our investment team discusses and answers questions on recent market volatility around the war in Ukraine, and new opportunities that it is potentially creating.


January 2022

Inflation; what is it and what is it not. Our investment team discusses strategies that could help protect wealth.

Guest - Dinny McMahon

October 2021

Recent weakness of China's second-largest real estate developer has focused global attention on this topic. We recently spoke with Dinny McMahon, an independent analyst of China's financial system.  

Dinny spent ten years as a financial journalist in China, including six years in Beijing at The Wall Street Journal, and four years with Dow Jones Newswires in Shanghai, where he also contributed to the Far Eastern Economic Review. Dinny is also the author of China's Great Wall of Debt: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle, which explains the mechanics of China's political economy, and why the financial system operates the way it does.

Guest - Dr. Lacy Hunt

September 2021

Dr. Lacy Hunt, an internationally known and award-winning economist. Dr. Hunt is the Executive Vice President and Chief Economist of Hoisington Investment Management Company. He also is the author of two books and numerous articles published in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Financial Analysts Journal among others.

Dr. Lacy Hunt is, in our opinion, the world’s most insightful bond investor and there is no one better to help make sense of key questions about today’s financial markets.

A Changing World; A Changing Portfolio

May 2021

How has the world changed since covid? Our investment team examined how the recent covid year accelerated material change in the investment landscape and discussed how they were changing our portfolio accordingly. 

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